I went to see Dr. Gasper for a crown lengthening procedure. I don’t think I’d want to have it done with anyone else other than Dr. Gasper if I ever have to go through it again. I healed faster than expected; the discomfort didn’t last quite as long as predicted. If you’re looking for some serious dental work, something above and beyond your general cleaning, and your scared, then I suggest talking to Dr. Gasper who is incredibly professional, pleasant, has “gentle hands” everything considered and does a masterful job. I couldn’t be happier.

When the gum around one molar began to recede quite badly, my regular dentist said I needed to go see a Periodontist. Dr. Gasper is well spoken, calm and confident. When the appointment began she did the pre-numbing, then the actual injection at the site of the graft – best job doing that I’ve ever had in all my years of dental work – didn’t hardly feel it. I believe for me the best thing was that Dr. Gasper told me everything she was going to do in a quiet calm voice before she did it. “You will feel some pressure” and “this may feel cold but not painful.” This helped to alleviate much of my mental stress. Today is day one post-surgery and I feel fine. Really odd as I was expecting horror and even planned my day that way 🙂 Hand’s down the “best” dental procedure I’ve not wanted but needed!

“I am just getting started with a 1 year treatment plan to include dental implants and a bunch of other restorative work and I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am… I fully expect to be beyond happy with the results next year and will report back!”

“As I write this review I am 72 hours post implant and bone graft surgery. I have already done the left side and it’s healing nicely but no teeth just yet. Dr Christina Gasper, Periodontist/Rockstar is amazing. She is incredibly smart and detail oriented and is impeccable with her work.”

“Breathtaking Dr. Gasper herself deserves 50 stars for (her) professionalism and sincerity… solved all my problems.”

“I have had several issues with my teeth…Dr. Gasper, one of the dentists that took care of me during one of these emergencies missed her lunch so that she could tend to an infected tooth. Simply put… AWESOME.”

“Dr. Gasper is an absolute artist with surgical precision and is extremely kind as she provided the necessary bone and skin grafts (This is not always necessary but was in my case). My journey ended very close to the projected end date and resulted in a beautiful new tooth that exactly matches the other. I have had no problems what so ever with my implant.”